5 Days of Water Play for Kids: Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

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We’re back with more fun ideas for water play with children! Don’t forget to check out the other posts in the series.

My kids LOVE dinosaurs, so when I saw this idea from Teaching Mama, I knew it had to be part of our water play summer fun.

frozen dinosaur eggs for water play

Let’s create our very own frozen dinosaur eggs. Boys and girls will have a ball helping the dinosaurs hatch from their eggs.

Plastic Dinosaurs
Spray Bottles
Squirt Guns
Bathing Suits

Gather your balloons and dinosaurs.

making frozen dinosaur eggs

If your children are helpful enough and you are patient, they can help you with the prep work.

frozen dinosaur egg

Gently stretch a balloon over a dinosaur, then fill with water, then tie off. When you’re finished creating your dinosaur balloons, stick them in the freezer. Overnight, they will become dinosaur eggs.

frozen dinosaur egg tutorial

In the morning, have your children help you peel the balloons away, revealing the magical frozen dinosaur eggs. Now it’s time to help the dinosaurs escape.

water play with dinosaurs

While your kids are putting on their swimsuits and sunscreen, you can fill their squirt bottles and water guns with warm water.

frozen dinosaur egg

Head outside and set up the dinosaur eggs around the yard. Your children can experiment with different items like pipettes, toothbrushes and even salt to help free the dinosaurs from their frozen eggs.

frozen dinosaur eggs
The boys preferred to use hammers, of course.

frozen dinosaur egg

Maeve had fun just picking up her frozen egg, then eating the ice after the dinosaurs hatched.

You’ll have fun watching them work together!

If your little ones aren’t dinosaur fans, you could change out the dinosaurs for farm animals, insects or even lizards!

My kids are already asking me, “When can we do this again?” They loved this fun way to keep cool!

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  1. Colleen Kessler says

    Fun! We’ll be trying this one for sure!

  2. AWESOME idea! The dudes would love this!

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