Reading The Princess and the Frog

Back when my husband and I were dating, he mentioned homeschooling. I immediately dismissed it as something ‘crazy granola nutjobs’ do with their unsocialized children.

Yes, I’ve come to eat my words.

I’ve not been satisfied with the education of my oldest daughter (combination of private and public schools), so homeschooling has become more and more attractive to us as a family. Brett and I have decided to work with our Kennedy Kaboodle — Rachel, Adam and Thomas, at home, as much as we possibly can. When they reach the age of kindergarten, we will make the decision to either keep them at home, or enroll them in a private classical school in our area.

My greatest challenge is figuring out how to teach 3 children, at the same time, and keep them from making a colossal mess. We’ll be posting our misadventures with Tot School and Preschool Corner, so be sure and stay tuned!

I’m also on the staff of The Homeschooling Classroom, so be sure to stop by and read my articles there.

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