What a Way to Start the Week! Happy SITS Day to Me!

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What’s the best way to wrap up a week’s vacation?  Being the SITS featured blogger, of course!  Thanks to all of you stopping by today – here’s a taste of what you’ll find.

I’m Dianna, Queen of The Kennedy Adventures.(at least for today!) You can read more about me – snarky, sweet, and 100% Southern, over here on the About Me page.

Regardless of being Queen, there’s no doubt about who the real stars are here. I started writing to chronicle the ups and downs of a twin pregnancy, and it’s grown into something so much bigger and better! You’ll hear about my identical twins, Adam and Thomas, their older sisters Rachel and Abigail, as well as my husband Brett and my misadventures with homeschooling.

With over 400 posts, where in the world do you start? I’d suggest trying these on for size:

There’s no doubt that my youngest daughter is a complete Daddy’s girl. See how she’s breaking my heart : Not My Little Girl Anymore

My children are fashion plates without breaking our budget! Find my best tips for clothing your wee ones while purging your closet at the same time: Eleven Essential Tips for Selling Your Children’s Outgrown Clothing

My Catholic Faith is a vital part of who I am. I host Saints and Scripture Sundays each week, and would be thrilled if you’d join me, too! One of my favorites: Corporal Works of Mercy

Much thanks to my idols over at the SITS blog, for teaching me more about blogging, exposing me to Bloggy Boot Camp, and connecting me with some of the most wonderful girls I know. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, the Blog Frog Community, and apply to be a Featured Blogger to have your own SITS day in the sun!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

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  1. Yay! Congrats to you for your SITS day! 🙂

    I’m so glad that we met through our SITS tribe and have really enjoyed reading your blog! 🙂

    Hope you have an awesome day!

  2. Brittany Ciara says:

    CONGRATS on your SITS day! I hope you enjoy it, because you definitely are a QUEEN! 😉 xoxo

  3. Your daughter being a flower girls reminds me of my daughter she was a flower girl in both of her big sister’s weddings.
    Your blog is full of life. Now that I am unwound from the wedding in September I am back to blogging again. Keep up the good work on your blog and your family.

  4. Happy Sits day! Congratulations 🙂 I’m glad I already met you and follow your blog through the giraffe tribe. I especially enjoy your Sunday posts. Enjoy your special day!

  5. Dianna Happy Sit Day! Your children get more beautiful by the minute.

    • Bev —
      I may not be a fantastic cook as you are, but I’ve decided that one of my talents IS raising beautiful kids!

      Thanks so much for stopping by – you know I appreciate it!

  6. fairchildstreet says:

    read about you on STIS. Lovely blog. Charmaine

  7. Congratulations on your special day. I hope it turns out to be everything you ever hoped for.

    Off to check things out.

  8. Love meeting a fellow twin mama. Congrats on your SITS Day!

  9. A big giant huge Congratulations today! Enjoy every second of it. New follower!

  10. Have a fabulous SITS FB Day! I’m so proud of you 🙂

  11. Happy SITS day. It was good to read your perspective on ER etiquette.

  12. Happy SITS Day! Hope you have a lovely week!

  13. Enjoy your SITS day. You have a beautiful family.

  14. Happy SITS day! What a beautiful blog and family you have. Thank you for sharing all these lovely stories and tips with us; can’t wait to read the one about selling outgrown clothes!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Mrs Green!

      I tend to be a clothes hoarder at times, so being able to sell them, and pass them on to other people is a big asset to our family. Hope it helps you out!

  15. First, Haaaaaaaaaaappy SITS day.

    Wow! 400 posts! I;m still struggling to reach 50.

    Am going to stroll around and get some inspiration.

  16. Happy SITS Day! Girl, you look fabulous! I’m all about ‘recycling’ my children’s clothes and am a big consigner. Unfortunately, with being back to work, I didn’t get myself together this fall. I’m going to have a ton of stuff this spring!

    • Aww, thanks so much!

      I was only able to get involved in two sales this fall, due to my work schedule. I made a fair amount of money, but also spenf some, too 🙂

      Hope the tutorial was helpful.

  17. I love the Celtic cross in your header. Congrats on your SITS day!

  18. cute blog! congrats on your SITS day! :o)

  19. Happy SITS Day! You have a great blog and your kiddos are adorable. I following you know, can’t wait to keep reading and in find out more! I have to pass this blog on to my sister, she has a 2 1/2 year old little girl and is pregnant with twin boys due in March! I’m sure she’s loved to read about your experiences!
    Off to check out your posts….

  20. Happy SITS day!! Beautiful family and such a cute blog!

  21. Blond Duck says:

    Happy SITS day!

  22. Congrats on your SITS day! You’ve got a beautiful family!

  23. Yay congrats to you! You totally deserve it! So glad to have met you in person, you are so sweet! Enjoy your day 🙂

  24. Nancy @ el vigilante says:

    Congratulations on your SITS Day! What a lovely family you have. They must really keep you busy!

  25. Congrats on your SITS day! I’m a new follower! Hope you’ll check out my new blog design site:

    Thanks, loved looking at your pictures! 🙂

  26. Woo-hoo! I was so excited to log onto SITS and see that today was your feature day!! You rock, girl!!

  27. Happy SITS Day! Enjoy!

  28. Enjoy your day! I can’t imagine working, having a houseful of kids and then fitting in blogging on top of that! WOW!

  29. HAPPY SITS DAY!! Can’t wait to read more of your blog & I hope the rest of your week is this spectacular! 🙂

  30. Oh ya it’s your SITS day, it’s your SITS day you deserve it! Soak it all in on this day of recognition. Going to look around…new follower!

  31. Have a great SITS Day! I am looking forward to stopping by and reading your Sunday posts. I am a devout Catholic as well and faith is very important in our family.

    You have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Julie,
      So glad that you came by! I’d love to have you visit again on Sunday, for the Saints and Scripture Sundays. I’m always looking to connect with more Catholic women like myself.

  32. Loved your Top 10 list on trips to the ER. I have MAJOR respect for nurses.

    Enjoy your day in the spotlight! 🙂

  33. wow! congrats on your day!! what a beautiful family!!!

    off to look around!! 😉

  34. Happy SITS day!! Enjoy your special day!

  35. Congrats on your SITS day! Your children are beautiful – it looks like you have your hands full! Have a great day!

  36. Hot damn girl its your day! I was super psyched to see you listed as today’s featured blogger over at SITS!

    Its the #BansheeNation loud and proud!

  37. Congratulations on your SITS day! Your family is just beautiful. Enjoy all the day has to offer!

  38. Happy SITS Day! So nice to ‘meet’ you! You have a beautiful family! I’m looking forward to delving into your blog to learn more about you! 🙂

  39. Well, so nice to meet you! Looks like you have your hands full. 🙂 I am interested in reading about your faith. I was raised Catholic, but at present, am somewhat disenchanted with the church. Maybe this is one of God’sways to lead me back? Hmmmm.

    • Annie ….
      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d love to chat more with you about the Church – just drop me an email. Be sure and stop by Sundays, when I host Saints and Scripture Sundays.

      You’re right — this may be just the ticket to get you thinking about coming home 🙂

  40. Congratulations on your big day…enjoy! Your children are gorgeous…I’m off to check out that ER advice because we are frequent visitors in this household.

  41. amber hurd says:

    Happy SITS Day! I look forward to learning more about you and your family. God bless 🙂

  42. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Congrats on your SITS day! Your photos are lovely, as is your family.

  43. You seriousl take amazing pictures, I want to be you when I grow up! Enjoy your SITS Day!

    • No way! The ones of us on today’s post were taken by my photographer, James Allen, local here in Kentucky.

      The ones on the SITS blog (the belly shot, the beach, and the tub) were taken by myself or my husband. Piknik is a wonderful tool!

  44. Happy SITS Day to you!

    You have a beautiful family.

  45. Happy SITS Day! I have read your blog for some time, since I started blogging actually! I hope you have a fabulous SITS day and lots and lots of new readers. Your pictures are gorgeous- as is your family!

  46. Happy SITS day! What a beautiful family. And how nice that you have the blog as a way to share your life with them

  47. Congrats Dianna!! You deserve it. I’m glad we met through our SITS tribe. Enjoy you day!!

  48. Happy SITS Day! What a beautiful family! I’m impressed that you can blog while taking care of 3 little ones and homeschooling them! Wow!

    Enjoy your day!

  49. Happy SITS day!

    You have a beautiful family!

  50. Happy SITS Day! You have a gorgeous family 🙂

  51. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family, and I love your blog! I was at Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly, and I am so excited to follow all of you awesome ladies in the blogosphere!

  52. Congrats on your SITS day, Dianna! So fun that a Giraffe got featured today!

  53. Happy SITS Day!

  54. BlackEyedDog says:

    Happy SITS Day^^


  55. Beautiful blog site, amazingly beautiful family (with GREAT pictures – loved the one on the beach where she was reflected in the sand) – have a great SITS day!!

    • Can I tell you how thrilled I am that you stopped by! Even though my Google Reader is bursting at the seams, I’m subscribing to your blog — my marriage deserves it!

      The photo on the beach was by accident — I never even noticed the reflection until I was cropping and editing, and immediately fell in LOVE!

  56. You have a beautiful family! Congrats on your SITS day!

  57. Love your blog! I too have identical twin boys… a wonderful adventure! I will visit often! ~Take Care

  58. What a beautiful family. Happy SITS day.


  59. Congrats on your SiTs day! Your whole family has the best smiles!

  60. Happy SITS day! You have a beautiful family!

  61. Congrats on your SITS day! Gosh, the pics you have up are gorgeous! Off to check out some other stuff.


  62. You have an adorable family, let’s just get that out of the way first. Second, a great blog. 400 posts! Wow. Congrats on your success and your day.

  63. Congratulations on your SITS Day!! I’ve been here before but now I’ll be following on Twitter!

    To your husband:
    Do a guest post about the birth stories!! It would be awesome!

  64. really nice use of pictures on your blog. Congratulations on your day!

  65. Congratulations on your big day! You have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  66. Dianna!!! Whoop! Whoop!
    Happy SITS DAY gorgeous!!! What a fabulous way to start off the week! =) Your blog is da bomb and I can’t wait to curl up this afternoon and peruse to my heart’s content!
    Hugs to you!

  67. I stopped by your blog via SITS but I am happy to have found it. I will definitely be reading your Sunday columns. I need to get back to mass.

    • Jen,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! If I can inspire one person to get back to Mass, then I’ve done an excellent job! Would love to see you back for Saints and Scripture Sundays, too.

  68. Happy SITS day!

  69. congrats!!! love your blog can’t wait to read more, I am following you now and subscibing!!!

  70. YAY DIanna!!! Happy SITS day tribe-mate!

  71. What fabulous photos!

    Enjoy your much deserved day in the limelight!

  72. Congratulations on your day to Shine with SITS. What a beautiful family you have.

  73. Absolutly gorgeous blog! I immediatly felt peace when I landed here from SITS!
    Enjoy your day in the sun (it’s not our here in SoCal, can you belive it?).

  74. Congratulations on your SITS day! So nice to discover a new site.

  75. A wonderful post and a beautiful family! I can’t wait to read more!

  76. Loved your post about the ER! My son has trouble breathing sometimes and people always seem to be upset to watch us walk right in like I have a backstage pass.

  77. Happy SITS day! How fun – hope your day is filled with lots of lovely comments, and a lot of new bloggy friends.

    Michelle 😉

  78. Hi! Happy SITS day! I’m a homeschooling mom too, although I’ve only got two and they’re big kids – I don’t know where the time went though. Your have a beautiful family!

  79. yippee! One of my favorite ladies is the SitsTa for the day 🙂
    Congrats and enjoy all the comment luv 🙂

  80. Dropping by from SITS! What a cute family you have =-)

  81. Happy SITS Day! I love your ER post and just had to shake my head about your hubby’s parenting/housekeeping adventures when you’re away at work. It’s a blessing that men do things differently than the mama’s, right? Enjoy your day!

  82. Great blog, gorgeous kids, and you still seem to be full of energy! yay for you, and congrats on your SITS day!

  83. Congratulations on your SITS day! You have an adorable family!

  84. Losing Brownies says:

    Happy SITS day!!

    I loved your ER posts! I hate going to the ER unless I absolutly have to, which has been perhapes twice in my adult life.

  85. Congrats on your SITS day! I follow you on twitter and didn’t realize I didn’t follow your blog, too. One day, someone will invent a “follow all” button and solve this problem for me. 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  86. Congratulations on your SITs feature! I hope you enjoy your day in the sun:-)

  87. Hey! Happy SITS day!! I have twin boys too! Mine are fraternal, even though everyone thinks they are identical. Drives them crazy! lol

  88. YAY!!!! I was so excited to see that you were the featured SITS blogger today!!! Enjoy your special. Those twin boys are just to DIE FOR! So cute!

  89. Happy SITS Day!!! Your children are all gorgeous! Congratulations!!! 🙂

  90. Happy SITS day, SITStah! Dropping by to wish you a good day! Will be by again later to read your “Saints and Scripture Sunday”.

    Best wishes,

  91. How gorgeous is your family?!! It must have been quite a shock to find out that you were having twins, but what a blessing that is.

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  92. Congrats to you!!!! Your family is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Happy SITS day, whoever takes your photographs is very talented – they are beautifully composed

  94. Glad to see your blog is being featured at SITS—hope you get lots of new followers and subscribers (you deserve it)!

  95. Happy Day to you…great photos!

  96. Congrats on being today’s featured blogger, Dianna! You have such a beautiful family and I can’t wait to read about how you manage to balance it all–I am impressed with your positive outlook on life and faith 🙂

    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful week.

    • Charlotte —

      Thanks so much for coming over today!

      I TRY very hard to keep a positive attitude — it’s really hard some days (like now, when my children are screaming at each other – sigh)

  97. Wow you have an awful lot going on and your children are just gorgeous! I’m going to have a look around! Congrats on your SITS day….hope that you enjoy it!

  98. Congrats on your SITS Day! I enjoy stopping in at your blog!

  99. What a gorgeous family! And I just love the photography on your site. You really know how to capture your little ones’ inner beauty.

    Congrats on your SITS Day! With twins and two more, homeschooling and everything else you do, you DESERVE to be queen for at least a day 🙂

    • Thanks so much for coming by, Amanda! I can’t take credit for all the photos …. the ones on today’s post are from my personal photographer here in Louisville.

      I’m kind of a homeschooling failure – I’m hoping to get back into it after Christmas.

  100. Yay Dianna, congrats on being the FB today! Those are gorgeous pictures of your family!

  101. Congrats on your SITS Day!

  102. YAY!!! Congrats on your SITS day. Is it not the most awesomest day ever?!

    Your family is beautiful (which I’m sure you already know). I’ve seen you all over Twitter and now I’m going to check out your blog. I hope you have a really great day.

  103. I want a guest posts from your hubby!!

    • I’m working on him! He read through the comments this morning with a cup of coffee, and said, “you know, I’m not a writer, but I’d do it for you.”

      Thanks for adding your vote!

  104. Congrats on your special day!

  105. Stopping by from SITS…

    Great blog! Your “about me” totally cracked me up. 😀

  106. Happy SITS day! You have such a beautiful family!!

  107. Just popping in SITStah. Beautiful family! I love reading about your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  108. YAY! Happy SITS day fellow spotted leopard!

  109. Happy SITS day to you…..happy sits day to you….happy sits day dear Dianna….happy sits day to you! Hope you have a fantastic day.

  110. Margaret Almon says:

    Happy SITS Day!

  111. Happy SITS Day!! 😀

  112. Congrats on your SITS day. Enjoy it!! I am going to do some reading now … thanks! 🙂

  113. Happy SITS DAY!

  114. What a full life you have. Beautiful family!

  115. First of all, HAPPY SITS DAY!!! Second, I DEFINITELY think your husband should guest post! It’s always nice to hear a hubby’s/daddy’s take on things! And Third, you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

  116. Happy SITS day!

  117. I can’t believe I almost missed this party! 🙂 Happy SITS day my friend… love you to death. Be blessed today!

  118. Happy SITS day! I was just saying how all the blue eyes are kicking my uterus right now lol. You have such a beautiful family 🙂

    • Would you believe that my husband has green eyes, and I have brown? My littles are poster children for recessive genes — they get their blue eyes from their grandparents.

      Being beautiful keeps them out of trouble 🙂

  119. Happy SITS day! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I’m writing a novel at the moment where the heroine has twins – so I’d love to read more about that experience.

  120. Congrats on your SITS day but more than that – congrats on surviving twins plus two more. Holy smokes. I am so impressed and a good looking blog too! Love your photos and admire your homeschooling efforts. I homeschooled my 8th grade boy for one year – tough year to do it, but it worked and he’s back in “regular” private school now and thriving.

    • Thanks so much, Beth!

      Sigh — homeschooling — I’m afraid I’m not doing the best job with the littles, there. Unless you count taking them on vacation — I could make that learning about sea life, right?

  121. Hooray for you and congrats on your SITS day! It’s just the best day ever! Enjoy it.

    You are darling, and you look fantastic for having 4 kids. My sister has identical twin boys and, well, they ARE a LOT of work for sure. Had she just been a blogger 16 years ago, the stories she could have told. hahaha

    Loved your tips for getting through the first 2 years of twins. And that was a sweet post about your little girl growing up.

    Good luck with your sweet family.

    • Thanks so much, Allyson!

      It’s hard, not wishing away this time when they are little. I want them to be a little more grown up, but I know I will look back one day and want them JUST LIKE THIS.

      So glad you stopped by!

  122. Happy SITS Day! Your family is just beautiful. Enjoy your day.

  123. Happy SITS day! You have a gorgeous family and a practical outlook that I like. I loved your post about how to behave in ER. It just seems like common sense, but I’ve been there many times with my husband and I know what you’re talking about. People just don’t know how to behave.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Grams!

      I try very hard to be thankful about my blessings – attitude is everything!

      The ER is a constant source of entertainment for me – I’m happy to share it with you guys!

  124. Happy SITS Day! Very beautiful family! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  125. Happy SITS day!

  126. What a beautiful family you have!

    Happy SITS Day! Congrats!

  127. Happy SITS day, Dianna! I so enjoyed poking around on your blog – I love the essential tips for selling outgrown clothing. I just went through a massive decluttering and it was awful! Your 10 tips for how to behave in the ER are very funny and also poignant (having been in the ER numerous times with spouse and child in the last few years!). Look forward to reading more.

  128. Congratulations on your SITS day! I’ve been following you for a while now, great blog!

  129. your photography is beautiful also your FAMILY!! enjoy our sits day 🙂

    • I can’t take credit for the beautiful pictures on today’s post – those were from a local photographer, James Allen. He’s awesome!

      The pictures on the SITS blog were taken by myself and my husband — we’re practicing!

  130. Happy SITS day. Sorry I am late getting around. It has been crazy around here today. I am a new follower and I am off to check out some other posts. Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  131. Happy SITS day! How exciting!!

    Your pictures are beautiful and you have the most gorgeous kids in the world.

  132. hi dianna! happpy SITS day.. right, what a way to start the week! =D

  133. Happy SITS Day!! I’ll be following to watch the adventures of your beautiful children! I want to join in on your Saints and Scripture Sunday! I’m not Catholic but my mother plays the organ at the local Catholic church and I find the service interesting. It’s so different from what I am use too…

    • I’d LOVE to have you visit us again on Sundays to join along!

      Saints and Scripture Sundays is a way to SHARE my faith, and to connect and ‘visit’ with other women of faith. You hop right on over, girl!

  134. Happy SITS Day!

  135. Your family is gorgeous! Congrats on your SITS day!

  136. Congrats on being featured. Cute Blog.

    I love reading other Moms of Twins! My Twins just became teenagers! Yikes!

    • Oh, Star, now you’re going to make me cry. I can’t imagine my wee boys as teenagers — but then again, I couldn’t picture them as toddlers, either!

      Thanks so much for coming to the SITS party!

  137. happy sits day! beautiful kiddos! 🙂

  138. Happy SITS Day!!! Your Children are beautiful!


    Ya know I love ya more’n my chapstick!

    Happy SITS day to you little miss “Party in my Pocket”!

    So proud of ya!!

  140. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, btw.

    Just STUNNING. All of them.

    Be-utiful. xoxox

  141. And last but not least, stopping by from SITS to say hi 😉

    Love ya, Dianna! Happy SITS day! And gorgeous photo, dahling!!

  142. Cute kids! Congrats on the 400 posts and your SITS day!!

  143. You have a really beautiful family, Dianna. I can’t wait to read more about you and get to know you better!

  144. Happy SITS day!!

  145. Hi there and happy SITS day to you 🙂
    Love your blog and am now following you on twitter.

  146. Wow, what a great way to end a vacation! You’re right! You have a beautiful family! There’s so much to see and do on your site!

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  147. Oh how exciting! Happy SITS day to you!
    Your family is just beautiful! Okay I’m off to read more, even though I’ve read a bunch already! =)

  148. Congratulations on your SITS Day! You have a truly beautiful family and your humor shines through in your blog posts. Wishing you continued blogging success! Sorry about the delay as I am away…

  149. Congratulations on your SITS day!

  150. Happy belated SITS day! I love your blog and personality already and I’ll definitely see you around on Twitter!

  151. Congrats on your SITS day! I am the “bonus mom” of twin boys. I have been in their life since they were 18 months old and they just turned 8 this month! Wow, how time flies!! I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you better!!

  152. My blog reader kept erroring out this post yesterday! But I finally made it. Happy SITSday! I had twins too last January. Fraternal girls. And my first was only 17 months old when they were born. I share your understanding of chaos! 🙂 We twin moms live in a unique world. You have a lovely blog that’s fun to read for someone experiencing the same kind of crazy fun!

  153. You have a gorgeous family! Congrats on today’s FB!

  154. here from sits, taking a look around! nice to meet ya!!!

  155. congratulations on your SITS day sweet bella, I couldn’t agree more with you, being a wife and mother is such a beautiful reminder of what it means to have a servant’s heart – God Bless you

  156. Happy SITS day!!! Bea-u-tiful pictures!!!

  157. Congrats on being the SITS FB! You have a lovely and entertaining blog!

  158. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  159. Congrats on your SITS Day!!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Your family is beautiful!

  160. Happy SITS Day – I am soo behind in reading, but LOVE when I get a chance to stop by and learn more about you! My little girls are becoming Daddy’s girls as well – but we know they will always need us – LOL!

    Your family is gorgeous, just like you.

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