Fitness Friday – Not Going it Alone

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

I’ll admit it. Running by myself is BORING. But, with 4 children, a husband and a job, there’s not a lot of options. Thanks to my best friend, I’ll be having a date night with my husband this evening and dragging him along with me for an early morning run on Saturday. If you’re taking […]

Top Ten Rules for Great Gym Etiquette


In order not to have the rump the size of China, and to set forth a good example for my children, I’m back in the gym on a consistent basis. Insert applause here. photo credit: sjvince During my quest for ultimate fitness, I’ve noticed people having some difficulty in following the cardinal rules of the […]

What’s holding you(and me!) back? Get Mom Sexy!

While at Bloggy Boot Camp back in March, I was lucky enough to meet Mary, from The Mommyologist. Adorably cute and amazingly funny, she’s introduced a new concept to her readers recently, and issued us all the challenge. Are you Mom Sexy? And if you’re not, what are you going to do to bring it […]