Keeps getting bigger!!

this is 25 weeks, 1 day ….

Belly shots ……

I may regret this at some point in time, but I’m posting my belly shots …. to look back and see JUST how big I’m getting with these babies!!! This is 22w, 4 days. 

LIfe changes in a big way

went to the doctor today ….Bad news when we arrived … they were going to be ‘running late’. Marvy!! Brett hates going to the doctor, so I tend to be a bit more sensitive to wait time when he is with me. He wanted to leave, and re-schedule …. I was slated to have an […]

comparison shot, for the expando belly

This is a comparison shot .. for the expando belly! This is me at Dylan’s birthday party, wearing my regular clothes! I am 13 weeks, 6 days here.