Time to party!!

Yay!! Today is a shower day ….. as in BABY shower!! I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family, to celebrate these tiny babies, and welcome them!! I’ve been a bit on the grumpy side, so I think this will be a good day for me to get out and enjoy myself. I […]

Let the countdown begin ……

31 weeks, as of this past Sunday! Woo hoo!! This means that we could have babies here in as little as 5 weeks, or as much as 9 weeks! Time to get into PREPARE mode!! I’ve been nesting a bit … as much as my energy level, and back will tolerate. Since it’s starting to […]

update from the OB

everything looks fine and dandy …. I’ve hit the 150 mark, for a total weight gain of 34 pounds. I set myself a goal of 40 pounds when I found out I was having twins, so things are right on track. B/P was good, etc. I think Baby B is breech again, since I’m feeling […]

Off to the OB … yet again!!

We’ll be heading to the OB this morning …. no U/S today, just the pee in the cup, measure your belly, and check the babies’ heart rate kind of stuff. They almost need an ‘express line’ for these kind of appointments!! I’ll report back later, when we get back, as well as upload some new, […]

just a tiny brag …..

came home from work ….. and my kitchen is clean, as well as Rachel’s room formerly known as the living room!! Thanks to my awesome husband!! Thanks for putting up with me being tired and worn out all the time, and doing minimal work around here!! Love you, BK!!