Way Back Whens-day — First Edition!

This fun blog idea comes from Cheryl, at Twinfatuation. Be sure and check out other Way Back Whens-day photos there! Dateline: May 15, 2006 (2 years before our boys were born!)Rachel’s Age: 1 month old This was taken with our mac-daddy Nikon camera that Brett bought shortly after Rachel was born. He took about a […]

My career choice ….

I’ve been a nurse for over 15 years, and I really don’t know how I got here. Honestly. I’d love to be one of those folks who have some sweet story about how they were moved by some wonderful nurse, and decided to follow that path. In high school, it was just, “Hmm, I guess […]



Good Morning!

the sound of applause ….

So, I’ve been very lax about updating everyone on what the smallest Kennedys are up to …. YES, both of the babies are crawling, like crazy. Pulling up on everything, cruising down the furniture, etc. Thomas has even let go a few times, and stood, unassisted. Trust me, I am in NO hurry for these […]