Our beautiful baby boys are HERE!!

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woooo wheee ….. what a morning!!

Ya’ll know about the night I spent in L/D on Monday, so I won’t repeat the gory details. Since then, I’ve been having sporadic contractions, but nothing I was really even paying attention to.

Early this morning, at about 0225, I woke up to a contraction that I thought was going to kill me. Of course, my reaction to pain, get up and take a shower.
I noticed that my belly was misshapen, even more so than usual. (realizing later that this was Baby A moving down into the canal!!)Brett came into the bathroom, and asked me if I was still having contractions. I snapped his head off, and seriously, I really didn’t know if I was having contractions or not. All I knew is that I felt like I was going to die.

I got up off the toilet (FINALLY), and went back and laid down in my bed. As soon as I did, my water broke. I started crying …… I just didn’t know what to do. (can you say transition??!!)Brett finally convinced me to get up and get in the car … we had to pack up Rachel, and our dog, and call my best friend to meet us at the hospital.

On the way there, the contractions were definite, and very strong. I panted through all of them, since I wanted to push SO badly.We got to the hospital, somewhere between 0345 and 0400. Had to sign my registration papers, which felt like it took forever, since I was contracting the whole time. Got to L/D triage, and the same nurse who took care of me on Monday was there. (she was AWESOME!!!!)

Bekah was calm, and collected ….. which I translated into …”she doesn’t understand how far along I am!!” I was crying to Brett …. “have her come and check me …. I need to push!!” Bekah came, checked me, and said, “oh my!” Immediately, we had nurses in the room, putting IVs in, signing consents, etc. I was NOT nice to my husband, because I told him I wasn’t ready to have these babies. He looked down in my nether regions when Bekah was checking me, and said, “oh, trust me, you are SO ready!” I told him that he was NOT a Labor and Delivery Nurse!!!

Got wheeled over into the OR, and Brett got the camera, and got all suited up and ready to go. The L/D nurses and techs were getting the room set up, and the NICU nurses were getting their stations together as well. Dr Case, the OB on call came into the room, chatted with me about how we were going to deliver, then asked the nurses, “where are we with anesthesia?” My L/D nurse said, “well, she doesn’t want any” …. OB said, “well, you know the 2nd baby is breech .. we have a chance that you may have to have general anesthesia to have a C section.” I told her that I did not care …. I simply wanted to have my babies.

Got put up in stirrups, and after 3 good pushes, Baby A was born ….. Dr case held him up, and my husband told me we had a BOY!!! Adam Patrick Kennedy was born at 0442, 6 lb 9 oz, and 19 inches long. They wisked him over to the NICU gals, and Dr Case started checking out my belly with the U/S machine. She wanted to get a good hold of Baby B’s feet, and was trying to keep the waters intact. (to prevent cord prolapse?? I have no idea) The time she spent digging around inside me was excrutiating …. all I did was scream, say “I’m sorry”, and various blasphemies/expletives. I sounded worse than a sailor. The bag of waters broke, and I suppose she got ahold of his feet, because the next thing she and the nurse were yelling, was “PUSH NOW” …. a few pushes later, Baby B was born.
Thomas Ethan Kennedy was born at 0448, 6 lb 3 oz, and 19 inches long. Brett went over to the warmer to be with the boys, while Dr Case sewed up some tears, and delivered the placenta. The neonatologist …. saw her so briefly I don’t recall her name .. deemed the boys healthy, and no problems.

Went off to my labor recovery room, and was able to nurse Thomas well, and Adam just did some nipple licking. Thomas had to end up going to the regular nursery, due to a low temp. (stress from breech extraction?)Adam ended up there a little bit later for low temp as well. After I got both boys back, I found out that Thomas had a low temp/low blood sugar, and ended up getting a bit of formula …. was not happy about that, but what was I supposed to do??

Had a little bit of a stressful afternoon, trying to get my nursing under way. I had a bit of trouble getting Thomas awake to nurse, and we had 800 visitors at the time. I was about ready to start crying …. I was so sleepy I could barely hold my eyes open; I was frustrated at the noise level in the room, and was feeling pretty dumb about not being able to get the baby awake. Fortunately, he finally woke up and nursed well …. actually ended up with a bit of cluster feeding.

So now ….. I am in LOVE ….. in love with my husband, my daughters, my two beautiful new sons, and my life in general. I am blessed beyond words!!

And ….. by the grace of God …. I had the kind of labor I wanted!!!!! I showed up crowning, and had my twin baby boys with no interventions!!! I rock!! My husband keeps telling me how proud he is of me, and the OB and L/D nurses were amazed. It was awesome!! I stuck to my original plan, and WE DID IT!!

I’ll post pictures when I can …. something about the bandwidth here will not let me upload pics …. boo!!Both big sisters have met the boys, and both are very happy!!

I feel like a Mack truck ran over me, but in a good way!! Brett is THRILLED beyond words as well. Many thanks to you all for your love and support throughout this wonderful, wonderful journey!!

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