Dear God: Just a Suggestion …..

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Dear God:
It’s not that I am doubting Your infinite wisdom, but I think that the realm of sleep+motherhood could use some tweaking.
Remember those days of high school, and college, sleeping until noon?? Is there anything wrong with moving sleep more into a bit of a banking realm? Terms like credit, deposit, withdrawal, interest, penalties all ring a bell?? What harm would it do, to be able to bank sleep hours, to save them up for the times when we would most need them? I want our children to feel loved, safe and secure …… but honestly, 3 and 4 hours of sleep a night is just not cutting it.
Have you spoken to Adam and Thomas’s guardian angels?? I know they are busy beyond belief, keeping those two out of trouble, but a little sleeping dust would be nice. (ewww …. that would be the Sandman — see, I’m mixing up all my thoughts)
Post hangover days, as a single woman?? Why can’t I get some credit for that?? Surely the misery of a pounding headache, waves of nausea, and having to run to the bathroom every hour could be equivalent to at least 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep. (hmmm, these symptoms sound suspiciously familiar to another period in my life …..) And what about Angie? She deals with daily obnoxiousness (like I used to, as well) — she deserves 40 winks as well.
Just some suggestions, respectfully submitted. Still love You, no matter how much sleep we are getting around here.


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