April Showers bring May babies!!

34 weeks!! Made it to another milestone with these little ones!!

We had our family shower today … and had a WONDERFUL time!! The food was FANTASTIC …. Brett’s niece Brittany is such a laid back hostess. I always get FRANTIC when I have people over to my house. I got to see family, and get caught up, as well as get caught up with friends I had not seen in forever!!

Theme of this shower …… baby gowns!! I have a bone to pick with Babies R Us, since apparently, they are lacking in the “updating the registry’ department. I think I have 10 infant gowns, all alike! Totally adorable, but I need to take some back, in order to pick up some things I really need.
My sweet GF Angie picked up some JamTots plush diapers …. these suckers are SO CUTE!!
I’m going to get one in Rachel’s size, for a photo op with all of my smaller children. They are a Dalmatian type print! Adorable!!
My Granny picked up some cutesy mama pajamas for me …. I loved this, since I know I’m going to be feeling a bit frumpy after the babes get here. When I got home, and unpacked them, I also realized that they will be perfect for nursing. I told Brett about them, and he asked me if my Granny wanted more grandchildren in the future!

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