7 Quick Takes – Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone, Again

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— 1 —

It’s funny how when I tell God I’m ready to listen, and go where He leads, we head off into uncharted territories.

Like marketing.


Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. I have been asked to be on the Marketing/Communications planning committee for our local Catholic Homeschooling Conference. Apparently, since the gals in my homeschooling group know I write here, at Catholic Mothers Online, and at the Homeschool Classroom, hang out on Twitter and Facebook, they thought I’d be a good choice for getting the word out.

So, if you’re a Catholic mom, a homeschooling mom, or simply want to help me out, follow us on Twitter. I’m hoping to see my friend Leanne there.

— 2 —

I’m sad that I missed the Behold Conference this weekend, but instead of being jealous, I was happy for the women who got to attend. I’m marking my calendar for next year, and I hope to drag Angie along with me and Leanne.

— 3 —

It seems like early summer around here — with temperatures up in the 80’s. I’ve decided that I need a farmhouse, on some acreage, with a pond, to keep my children and the dog happy!

Obviously, we’ve enjoyed the weather!

Rachel with cattails

— 4 —

If the weather continues, we’ll be breaking out the pool soon. Just in time for me to work on all these books I’m reading.

— 5 —

Number 5 — what about a Baby 5.0 update? I’m 28 weeks – according to Baby Center, this baby weighs about 2.5 pounds. I believe it — these baby kicks shake the bed!

— 6 —

It’s March Madness around here — so all the talk is basketball! Even though my friends Kathryn and Lisa will be cheering for Iowa State, instead of my beloved Kentucky Wildcats, I still love them. The rest of you better cheer for the Cats on Saturday!

— 7 —

Do you need some ideas for celebrating St Patrick’s Day? I’ve got a list of crafts, books, recipes and more!

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  1. You are all more than welcome to come visit our farmhouse on our little acreage (just 5) but we do have a pond with a creek and beaver and otters, Anytime you want to make the trip to Oklahoma that is.

    • Hmm …. OK is a bit of a road trip!

      I’m content to stay here in KY, but my husband would LOVE to move us to Florida. Not sure if they have farmhouses there!

      You noticed the beaver breakdown — I’m not sure if Rachel and Brett have ever happened across otters on their hikes. The warm weather is bringing out the snakes, though.

  2. Hey Dianna,

    Thanks for the St. Patty’s tips! My daughter is only 15 months, but I am filing things away for years to come.

    I so enjoyed meeting Leanne at Behold and wish I could have met you too! Def. next year.

    Have a great weekend!

    • I had a BALL writing that post. We’ve been reading St Patrick’s Day books since the first of February around here!

      I’m waiting on pins and needles for the announcement of dates for 2013.

  3. Leanne@ Life Happens When says:


    I’d love to attend the conference- do you have to be a current homeschooler? I’d love to just get some information!!

    I love all your St. Patrick’s activities! My son has enjoyed some of them already!

    This weather is CRAZY!! I love it, but I kind of like a taste of spring before we hit the 80 degree mark!!

    • Not at all — I think it’s perfect for someone who is contemplating homeschooling. You’ll be able to look at curriculum, talk to homeschooling folks, etc.

      I’ve changed out the closets, from winter to spring/summer — it better not drop under 60, or we will all be freezing!!

  4. I love seeing the books that everyone is reading. I’m currently on my way to pick up “You’re Already Amazing”. A book about embracing who you are, becoming All God created you to be that I came across on a blog.

    • I am a voracious reader — but I tend to start books and not finish them. I also read LOADS of blogs as well.

      My goal when I go on my road trip to DC is to read at least 2 books on the way there/back.

      Will have to check out You’re Already Amazing!


    I do have Kentucky beating them in my NCAA bracket (and winning it all for that matter). But if my Clones can squeak out a miracle, I’ll gladly take the loss in my pool.

    Good luck with your marketing endeavors. Somehow I think you’ll find you are a natural at it!

    • I’ll be thinking of you and Kathryn tonight at work, while we sneak off and watch the game! 🙂

      This is something I’ve never done — I market myself, but I’ve not been responsible for other people. EEK!

  6. 2- Full of snark and vinegar?? Hardly! I spent last weekend being unbelievably jealous of all the lucky ladies who went to Behold.

    Happy weekend! 🙂

    • Dwija and I talked about this — she wrapped it up by saying that she thought she’d be jealous, but she was filled with joy for all the women there.

      I was just mad at poopy old work, since I couldn’t get vacation time to go. I’m going next year for sure!!

  7. Paula Phillips says:

    Thanks for the St. Patrick’s tips! I’ve actually utilized some of those. 🙂 Great!

  8. I am always reading a million books at one time! It’s nice to see someone else who does that too!

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