10 Things Newbies Should Know About Me: 2 to 1 Conference

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To you folks visiting from the 2 to 1 link up, welcome!

This is me, and some of the folks that I love, along with 10 things you should know about me.

dianna kennedy

1. I’m cooking Baby 5.0, and I feel like I’m huge. 7 more weeks to go. No, it’s not twins — I have an amazing set of those guys already. And, no, I can’t answer for a fact that we are ‘done’. It’s up to me to follow God’s plan for my life.

2. I’m still new to homeschooling, and still halfway scared out of my wits.

3. I’m an Emergency Room nurse – plenty of stories to tell.

4. Like Stephanie at Bowmania, I’m pretty short. 5 foot short. Add the ginormous belly, and I’m looking like an Oompa Loompa these days.

5. I love to write – it’s my creative outlet. You’ll find me here, over at The Homeschool Classroom and at Catholic Mothers Online. My friend Angie will tell you that I dumped her over at Louisville Lady Bloggers, too.

6. I try to be a green mama — minimal plastic, planning on cloth diapers, and trying to eat clean as much as we can.

7. I’m considering this trip to the DC area my vacation for the year. Unless I can talk my husband into a 13 hour drive to Dallas for the Catholic New Media Celebration in August.

8. Ever heard of the Kentucky Wildcats? Yes, the 2012 National Champions? I’m a diehard Big Blue fan, and have already trained my children to cheer for UK.


9. I’m a runner. You’d never guess it by my short legs, but I ran a half marathon this time last year. I’m hoping and praying to run another one this fall. Oh, and I was 37 when I decided to start running. Better late than never.

10. I’m a blog conference/homeschooling conference addict. 2 to 1 will be my first conference of this year, followed by the Kentucky Catholic Homeschooling Conference, followed by the Memoria Press Conference.

Are you heading to the 2 to 1 Conference? Be sure and look me up when you’re there, and introduce yourself in the comment box!

You can head over to Stephanie’s to meet more attendees.

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  1. I’ve never been to a conference ever! How sad is that? But I would LOVE to go to Dallas in August (despite the atrocious temps) and or to Behold next spring. Those are my top 2 at the moment. I’m jealous of everyone who gets to see you in D.C.!

  2. Hi Dianna! Hoping to meet you next weekend.

    My best friend (and 7 Sisters Homeschool road-trip buddy) Kym has identical twin girls, and having them in my life for the last decade has been so much fun. My youngest who is the same age as the girls used to have a plan that he would marry one of them and keep the other as a girlfriend; she would have a special room attached to their house! He was about 6 at the time, and thought this was a dandy plan. He’s abandoned that plan now, but he and the girls are still super-tight friends.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for twins now, and wish we had a set! Thanks for posting!

  3. We’ve just got LLB on the back burner, girlfriend! We’ll get it going when the time is right for both of us 😉

  4. Just seven weeks left? Time flies. I’m down to 17 days and still trying to organize the house to fit in another child. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the conference…K

  5. well, it’s nice to meet the gal who has already dumped my break out. (giggle)

  6. Still looking forward to meeting you, even if you are a Cats fan! 😉 *giggle* Diehard Gator fan here! Guess we can always cheer for the SEC! See you next week! 🙂

  7. So nice to meet you 🙂 I have a soft spot in my heart for moms with multiples – my close friend has a set, and we are foster parents to a 2 year old girl, and we have a bio 2 year old girl {and a 4 yr old girl}! Not quite the same as twins, but it’s pretty close 🙂

  8. You have a beautiful family! This might be my only vacation this year too, though I do hope for at least one more. Hope to meet you at 2:1!

  9. Looking forward to meeting you this weekend! I am *loving* your site… I need to get something done, but am enjoying your humor and candor.

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